2011 Apple Mac Mini 2.5 Up To 3.2 Ghz Intel Core I5 3210m 4gb Ram 500gb Hd

$ 270

PLEASE READ ALL OF OUR TERMS AND CONDITIONS BELOW BEFORE BIDDINGBUYING THIS MACHINE. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO OUR RETURN AND RESTOCKING FEE POLICIES. HARDWARE AND SOFTWARE ARE NOT WARRANTED, GUARANTEED TO BE UPGRADEABLE OR TRANSFERRABLE UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED BELOW. IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS WITH YOUR PURCHASE, PLEASE EMAIL US VIA EBAY FIRST BEFORE OPENING A CASE, REQUESTING A REFUND OR LEAVING NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. PLEASE ASK QUESTIONS. MACHINE SOLD WITH OUR SPECIFICATIONS LISTED BELOW ONLY. TESTED WORKING APPLE A1347 MAC MINI SN C07JVED5DWYL AND C07KC1KWDY3H PICTURED AND REPRESENTATIVE OF ALL UNITS AVAILABLE FOR SALE. ALL UNITS OUT OF THE SAME CORPORATE ENVIRONMENT. LATE 2012 MACHINES. SEE PICTURES AND ASK QUESTIONS. I5 3210M 2.5 PROCESSOR 4 GB RAM 500 GB HARD DRIVE, 10.8.5 LOADED BLUETOOTH POWER CORD ONLY Before bidding or buying, please read the complete description to understand what is included with the auction, our shipping time and rates. Please contact me with any questions before bidding or buying to insure a positive buying experience. BEFORE BIDDING PLEASE NOTE THAT WE REQUIRE A SIGNATURE FOR DELIVERY. IF YOU NEED YOUR PACKAGE TO GO TO AN ALTERNATIVE ADDRESS PLEASE REGISTER THAT ADDRESS WITH PAYPAL. WE ONLY SHIP TO CONFIRMED PAYPAL ADDRESSES. The equipment listed is used, in good condition and may have minor scratches, scrapes, scuffs or blemishes. Photo(s) shown are the item offered for sale unless otherwise noted. Listings only include what is stated. We do NOT warranty or guarantee that equipment or software (if included) is upgradeable or transferrable. PLEASE ask questions before buying or making a bid. We only sell and ship to Paypal registered accounts in the United States. Items are shipped via within 1 business day of the receipt of payment. No third party shipments are allowed – no exceptions. We currently do not offer Priority shipments. Payment – Please send payment promptly. We do expect payment within 2 days. Sales Tax – We charge sales tax for Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota deliveries. If you have won the bid on your item and you are located in the above states, sales tax will need to be collected prior to shipment. If you are a reseller in IL, WI or MN, please forward us your resale certificate and we will adjust the invoice. Shipping Cost - We use bubble, foam peanuts andor custom foam pack to insure proper protection for your shipment. Insurance is included with every shipment. Our shipping cost is competitive, but it may be a little higher in order to assure safe delivery for your item. Most shipments are sent via UPS. We cannot ship to a P.O. Box. Please allow 1 business day for packaging plus the normal UPS delivery time from Chicago to your region. Please allow extra time around holiday periods. A signature is required for all deliveries in excess of $250 USD. Please keep your box and packing material in the event the machine needs to be returned to us. Warning - Please let the equipment warm up to room temperature before plugging it in and powering it up. Condensation, due to the temperature change, can cause critical components to “pop” causing failure. Product warranty: Unless otherwise noted, the equipment has been tested by one of our technicians and found to be in good working order. If DOA, a replacement will be provided. If a replacement is not available, a refund of the sales price will be given upon return of the unit with matching a serial number and all items shipped with the machine. Equipment must be returned to the seller within 30 days of the delivery date, including the RMA number provided by us and in the original packaging (packing and boxes) in which it was received. This warranty does not cover minor cosmetic defects such as blemishes, scratches and color defects. Warranty does not cover misused or mishandling of equipment and is not offered on user-installed components. Notebook batteries are not warranted to hold a charge. Restocking details: 20% restocking fee is applicable.. Buyer is responsible for expense of return shipment and returning equipment in the same condition in which it shipped. Any questions, please ASK before buying. Our hours of operation are Monday thru Friday 8am to 4pm (Central time). Thank you for your interest. Good luck on your bid!

Classic Mac OS

The "Classic" Mac OS is a graphical user interface-based operating system developed by Apple Inc. for its Macintosh line of personal computers from 1984 until 2001, the original member of the family of Macintosh operating systems. The Macintosh platform, which was introduced in the classic Mac OS, is credited with having popularized the early GUI concept. Mac OS was preinstalled on every Macintosh computer that was made during the era it was developed; it was also sold separately in retail stores. Apple released the original Macintosh on January 24, 1984. Its early system software was partially based on the Lisa OS, previously released by Apple for the Lisa computer in 1983; as part of an agreement allowing Xerox to buy shares in Apple at a favorable price, it also used concepts from the Xerox PARC Alto computer, which former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and other Macintosh team members had previewed. The operating system integral to the Macintosh was originally named System Software, or simply "System", and referred to by its major revision starting with System 6 and System 7. Apple rebranded the system as Mac OS in 1996, starting officially with version 7.6, due in part to its Macintosh clone program. That program ended after the release of Mac OS 8 in 1997. The last major release of the system was Mac OS 9 in 1999. Mac OS is characterized by its monolithic system. From its original release through System 4, it ran only one application at a time. Even so, it was noted for its ease of use. Mac OS gained cooperative multitasking with System 5, which ran on the Macintosh SE and Macintosh II. It was criticized for its very limited memory management, lack of protected memory, no access controls, and susceptibility to conflicts among extensions that provide additional functionality such as networking or support for a particular device. After a four-year development effort spearheaded by Steve Jobs' return to Apple in 1997, Apple replaced Mac OS with a new operating system in 2001 named Mac OS X; the "X" represented the tenth major revision of the Mac system software as well as its history as part of NeXT and its relation to Unix. Mac OS X was renamed "OS X" in 2012 and "macOS" in 2016. The general interface design of the current macOS shares its legacy with the classic Mac OS, and there was some overlap of application frameworks for compatibility, but the two systems have different origins and use deeply different architectures. The final updates to Mac OS 9 released in 2001 provided interoperability with Mac OS X. The name "Classic" that now signifies the historical Mac OS as a whole is a reference to the Classic Environment, a compatibility layer that helped ease the transition to Mac OS X. more...